Irrespective of the fact that the web hosting service supplied by the different companies is nearly identical, every provider has got a personalized platform with its own tweaks and different ways to execute given procedures. Because of this, a rich knowledge base would be really helpful both for people with no past experience and for technically seasoned users who will ultimately find out how specific procedures are performed, but will lose time meanwhile. The aim of such a knowledge base is to help make the service fast and simple to use, sparing users lots of time and energy. The consequence is more contented customers, as they can swiftly find the info they want, and less work for the tech support engineers, because usually the vast majority of the questions and problems that clients have got are already included in the knowledge base. On the condition that the articles are professionally written and encompass more topics, you will be able to find out more not only about your own account, but also about the web hosting service as a whole.
Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Hosting
Our shared hosting packages feature an elaborate knowledge base where you can find info on all the issues that you may chance upon and their resolutions. You can learn how to create and administer an electronic mailing list, how to use an .htaccess configuration file, or how to proceed if the settings of your email client are correct, but still you are unable to send emails, for instance. We’ve tried our very best to be as thorough as possible and to cover all possible options in order to help you save time and energy and to offer you different solutions for any problem. The knowledge base includes informative articles too – both generic ones about the hosting service as a whole, and more specific ones, which will help you become acquainted with the functions and features of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You can find relevant articles about specific functions and features in every section of the Control Panel, whilst if you want to see the entire article collection, you can visit the dedicated Help section.