Through the Database Manager incorporated into the Hosting Control Panel, it is possible to make brand–new MySQL and PgSQL databases in an instant! At the same time, you’ve got direct access to the administrative area software programs (phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, respectively), allowing you to almost instantly manage the database you want.

An Easy to use Interface

Maintain your databases with merely a mouse click

Taking control of your databases is less complicated than ever before, because of the Hosting Control Panel user interface for MySQL and PgSQL control! Assuming you do not have substantial knowledge in managing databases, it will be very easy to work with our Database Manager.

You may create a new database merely by specifying the username and password or make a database backup with simply a mouse click. In addition, within the Data Manager you will get direct access to the management area for each database, meaning you can efficiently edit it.

Hepsia File Manager

Hassle–free Database Backup

Protect your database content with just a click of the mouse

If you have dealt with databases, you know creating a manual database backup isn’t an elementary task. In order to change this, we’ve developed very simple tool that will back up the entire database with simply one click of the mouse. The data backup file shall be ready for you in less than a minute, with respect to the size of the selected database.

There are no confines on the total number of backup copies you could make for any chosen database.

Hepsia File Manager

PgSQL Support

The most stable open source databases

Practically all of our shared hosting bundles deliver PgSQL support. While falling behind MySQL with regard to popularity and employment, PgSQL databases are famous for delivering the top level of security for your website content material. It is the primary reason why businesses like Skype and Yahoo use PgSQL databases and not MySQL.

With regard to database administration, PgSQL is just as hassle–free as MySQL.

Hepsia File Manager